Save the World Clubs’ mission is to inspire and enable individuals to live happier, healthier and more sustainable lives through providing practical, fun and creative arts learning opportunities

       be inspired, have fun, make a change

Who are we?

Save the World Club (SWC) is an environmental creative arts, education and entertainment charity. At SWC’s heart is a commitment to improving the well-being of individuals and communities and protecting the environment through inspiring and demonstrating imaginative skills and solutions and having fun, so we can all live in healthier and more sustainable ways.  

We aim to: 

  • provide leadership for local communities by generating ideas and offering practical and creative development and learning, modelled on sustainable living principles
  • empower young people to be agents of change through providing fun, arts and entertainment based learning and enabling them to lead projects in their homes, schools and communities
  •  improve the quality of public spaces and services by working with the community to create and install mosaic art that reflects the aspirations and heritage of the local area


RBK Voluntary and Community Sector Strategy Launch at The Rose Theatre

Jo Butcher celebrates voluntary and community sector led action to realise healthy and sustainable communities in Kingston
Jo Butcher helped to launch Kingston Council’s Voluntary and Community Sector Strategy and Compact at the Rose Theatre.  
Jo was among the speakers celebrating the contribution of the voluntary and community sector, working in partnership with council, to improve the well-being of communities in the borough.
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HRH Prince Charles visits Ham Green and meets some of the children working on the Save the World Club and Friends of Ham Green community mosaic project

HRH Prince Charles visited Ham Green on behalf of The Princes Trust – Building Communities. He met Save the World Clubs mosaic artist Kim Porelli and some of children working on the project. Pictures here show Kim telling the Prince about the project and children from Strathmore School working on the mosaic. 







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Community mosaic with Friends of Ham Green

Save the World Club are working with Friends of Ham Green to create a new community mosaic which will be used to cover up a wall that is regularly graffitied.

Everyone in the community is getting involved with sessions taking place at Ham Youth Club, the local libary and involving local school children. This picure shows ladies from the Ham of the Multicultural womens group working on part of the mosaic.

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Young Place Shapers

 Girl with tree


We are looking for individuals aged 18-24 years interested in taking part in community action. Young Place Shapers (YPS) aims to provide young people and young adults with opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence to lead and support positive change in the world around them, promoting a way of life that is good for people and good for the planet.

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Charity is engaging with issues in Royal Borough of Kingston

Jo Butcher – Save the World Clubs Creative Director and recent advisor on Health and Fuel Poverty to Friends of the Earth and the Energy Bill Revolution spoke at the Kingston Voluntary Action – Annual Health Conference recently about the impact of fuel poverty and cold homes on health and wellbeing.

Follow this link for all details of the event: 







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Community Mosaics in Chile

Save the World Clubs lead mosaic artist Kim Porelli has just returned from Chile where she was volunteering with 60 international and 20 Chilean artists working in the community. Their amazing work was shown on national television in Chile.

Check this out:



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Mosaic Artist Kim Porrelli in Chile

Kim Porrelli has jetted off to Chile to volunteer on a huge community mosaic project in Puente Alto, Chile. 

What an exciting opportunity, she will be working with Isisdora PAz Lopez  – here is the link to a short film about the project http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYgDSXBdxPY 

She will be away between 10th January – 25th so the workshop will reopen Thursday 30th and Friday 31st January .

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Come and see our stall at Maple Road Farmers Market

Save the World Club have a stall at Maple Road Farmers Market on Saturday 16th November 2013. 

This is our second time at the market, come along and  have a look at the beautiful mosaics we have for sale, find out what the charity is doing, what it has to offer the community and how you can get involved.…

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Kingston University students volunteer with Save the World Club

Save the World Club (SWC) was delighted to work with students from Kingston University on 7th November as part of London Student Volunteer Fortnight.

SWC organised a special workshop for the students Christine, Shad, Pramila, Tene, and Nazya who worked with mosaic artist Kim Porrelli to learn about the art of mosaic creation and our community projects.…

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Big Challenge Action Day at Save the World Club!

Many thanks to Kim, Mila, Tina and all the Challengers for their support and hard work cleaning and maintaining Save the World Clubs community mosaics in Kingston town centre.

Deciding the ‘Challenge’ way – Rock Paper Scissors!


Volunteers riverside and with Mila outside the Anniversary mosiac at John Lewis.


Group_John_Lewis mosaic 2

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“People always do everything wrong to nature and themselves. Man seems to have one function on earth: to destroy himself. The nature of the plant world is always constructive. It is always the teacher, in the creative as well as the ecological sense.” Friedensreich Hundertwasser

“Saving the world is not too hard, you just have to start in your own backyard.” Des Kay