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There is a great change bubbling up from below…
We’re just weeks away from XR and our 12 year extinction warning and things are kicking off all around us! History has shown how rapidly the world can change in a crisis. Keep doing the amazing things you do, showing by example and watch the movement grow exponentially.❤️

From this…

Think grass roots action.

Ophelia 1851-2 Sir John Everett Millais, Bt 1829-1896 Presented by Sir Henry Tate 1894 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/N01506

“You can argue all day about whether one person not using straws or going vegan makes a global difference. The point is the mindset. We need to change our thinking from this idea that the earth is a bottomless pit of resources and start acting like what we do matters. Changing the philosophy of cultures and societies starts with individuals changing their own hearts and minds. That’s the importance of grassroots action. It’s not that my composting will empty landfills of food waste, but my changed mind and heart may influence others. And that could spread and change the world.” – Olga Evans


How do we get our friends to take their heads out of the sand?

On the one hand we have mostly good,comfortable lives where we have more than enough – on the other, there are disasters around the world taking place almost daily, and on an unprecedented scale.
So we can balance our lives by enjoying what is good whilst embracing the bad. That is, dedicating some of your time to tackling some aspects of the “bad”.
We need to convince all those in our lives to get on the case. No particular way…What ever presses their buttons. Whether it’s a protest organisation, a lobbying group, being one of thousands signing a petition, just doing something to help is making the difference.
Having been sewing the seeds for 30 years since STWC was founded, We’re delighted that Extinction Rebellion marks a sea change in awareness of just how serious an environmental crisis we are a part. Time for drastic actions by all.
Proud to include XR Logo as part of ours. 
We are showing our collective power and it is starting to shift us away from the selfish, destructive short-term future that those in “authority” seem to cling on to. We know that is going to impact on ourselves and future generations and most of us are only too aware that we cannot continue to be part of a system that depletes our resources at a faster rate than they can be created.
 Be inspired. Have fun. Make a change!

Who are we?

Save the World Club (SWC) is an environmental creative arts, education and entertainment charity. At SWC’s heart is a commitment to improving the well-being of individuals and communities and protecting the environment demonstrating imaginative skills and solutions and having fun, so we can all live in healthier and more sustainable ways.  

We aim to: 

  • provide leadership for local communities by generating ideas and offering practical and creative development and learning, modelled on sustainable living principles.
  • empower young people to be agents of change through providing fun, arts and entertainment based learning and enabling them to lead projects in their homes, schools and communities.
  •  improve the quality of public spaces and services by working with the community to create and install mosaic art that reflects the aspirations and heritage of the local area.
  • Help ensure that resources are used wisely through encouraging recycling and reuse.

“People always do everything wrong to nature and themselves. Man seems to have one function on earth: to destroy himself. The nature of the plant world is always constructive. It is always the teacher, in the creative as well as the ecological sense.” Friedensreich Hundertwasser

“Saving the world is not too hard, you just have to start in your own backyard.” Des Kay 


What happened to Mr Fox’s eyes? The mosaic clusters disappeared the day after the opening.
Here lies the info:

We’ve had some great publicity this week with Clare Balding joining singer Feargal Sharkey on a ramble past our new mosaic, featured on Radio 4.

Delighted to say we had a successful opening of Malden Manor Mosaic by Mayor Councillor Thay Thayalan with around 150 attending, thanks to a social media blitz by our amazing Secretary and Trustee, Tariq Shabbeer,  despite 1,000,000 people otherwise disposed in Central London…

Below is a two minute video produced by New Malden Residents’ Association of the countdown and appearance by Principal Artist, Kim Pirrelli:

The inauguration of Save the World Club’s latest breathtaking MOSAIC designed to lead Pre-Raphaelite aficonados to the spot just beyond where Millais painted the backdrop for the Iconic “Ophelia”.

We hope you have an opportunity to view its magnificence at some point and walk the few yards to the spot where Millais worked on his painting just over the wooden pedestrian bridge that leads into Six Acre Meadow

Transforming a little used space into a tourist focus, just five minutes walk from Malden Manor Station, come and be awed by the craftsmanship of the numerous schools, religious groups and locals giving their creative best under the guidance of our expert Principle Artist; Kim Porelli.

Many thanks to all our supporters, sponsors, Community Officer Sophia Allinson whose idea this came from and RBK who helped us succeed with funding.