10th Anniversary Rap

A poem to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Save The World Club…

The Save The World Club started small
With hardly anyone at all
A few people struggling to make a change
Saving the world was our range
Too many problems at the same time
Seemed like an endless uphill climb
But one day in our wellies, cleaning pollution
Was writ in the mucjk another solution
There’s six of us here having some fun
Clearing the trash and enjoying the sun
But if its all of the fish that we’re trying to save
We’ve got to grow from a few to a blinding rave
If there were thousands of people doing a bit
We’d clear it all in just one hit
And we realised that was all it takes
Everyone joins for a for all our sakes!
The hot summers came and all the storms blew
And the news on the environment came filtering through
And more people joined up every week
Especially with the reactor leak
Taking bottles and papers to the local banks
Extra lagging on the hot water tanks
Most people joined in some kind of way
Moving towards solutions some day
On the runaway waste train we’ve put on the brakes
And now you can see what a difference it makes
The recycling pile is twice as high
As three years ago – helped by what we buy
We’re spending more money on used again stuff
So we’re saving some forests, and if that weren’t enough
The rivers are getting their fishes again
Through more friendly soaps bought by women and men
It’s come along fine, but as we all know
We’ve still got quite a long way to go
So if you know anyone who is not yet a member
Point out these things if you can remember
There are other ways of joining the troupe
By being part of a campaign or group
Or going out to show that you really care
Whether they’re putting a motorway there
So to make things better we have to make a fuss
The future depends on all of us
Don’t believe all you read in the tabloid pages
Find out the truth from wise people and sages

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