1. We are moving to a future that’s a lot more fun, with a new ball game called Agenda 21

2. The world got together, our prospects to talk
and slow down the waste from a run to a walk

3. We’ve cruised to the edge and now we are learning
how to change course, the ship is now turning

4. To the summit in Rio from all over the globe
from suits to tribes in native robe

5. Didn’t talk about a global fix
it’s all becoming a fantastic mix

6. With music and culture on continental drift
An information explosion we’ve only just sniffed

7. We’re moving towards a homogenous blend
so other agreements came out in the end

8. The world voted on a common solution
to greatly encourage wealth distribution

9. So the poor can help by being involved
when we all get together, most problems are solved

10. Get opinions and comments from all walks of life
Cooperation, not agitation and strife

11. No longer shooting from the hips
What’s needed now is partnerships

12. So if some adopt a non-conformist mould
Encourage them for being so bold

13. Because there’s hardship and adversity
The time is here to celebrate diversity

14. Some choose to be nomads or go back to their root
Give them love and support – don’t persecute

15. We’re moving towards a new global fashion
Based on love, tolerance and compassion

16. Changing the system without a fight
Hitting it head on increases its might

17.Wealth without soul is a short-sighted style
Get together with others, it’s much more worthwhile

18. So if some things aren’t good in your neighbourhood
Work with others and the council to save that wood

19. So get involved and don’t do things by halves
Very often it’s a bundle of laughs

20. Concerned citizens is where the true power lies
Sharing knowledge is where the decisions are wise

21. A new age has really just begun
All from Agenda 21


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