How to Apply for Glastonbury Green Police

Thank you for your interest in the Glastonbury Green Police. You can apply for a place from February 1st 2018 by downloading the application form and by becoming a member of Save the World Club charity. or for more general Green Police info please go first to: Frequently asked questions .

If you are accepted as one of the Green Police at Glastonbury team remember, you must agree to:

  • Complete a training/try out session if required
  • Have a fantastic costume and dress colourfully and funky
  • Camp with us in our designated camping area
  • Attend meetings, be part of the team and agree to the rules
  • Bring Wellington Boots
  • Not smoke, drink or have a terrible hangover whilst on duty
  • Please be aware Green Police do not advocate the use of drugs, we are role models – any Green Police found under the influence will be immediately sacked

If you withdraw your application after you have been accepted by us (unless there are special circumstances) there will be a £30 admin fee + you risk being redlisted from Glastonbury Festival if you cheat on your ticket by not working.

If you need to know about anything else, such as whether to bring a tent (yes!), or have any other questions, please read the Frequently asked questions and download a report of Glastonbury Festival 2007 courtesy of Andrea Height
(Materials recycling weekly). The Glastonbury Festival website is also a mine of information, especially about travelling to and from the site.

Please download and read our Green Police Health and Safety Doc if you have been accepted as a Green Police person.

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