Christmas Wrap

Christmas comes but once a year
It fills the punter’s hands with fear
On a buying spree we are forced to swarm
No questions asked – it is just the norm.
Where is the feeling of elation and joy
That should come to every girl and boy
In debit we go – unable to bank it
It often ends up a terrible panic
Doesn’t mean anything any more
Seeming none but a terrible chore
To match relations to gifts is just a duty
The spirit of Christmas has lost its beauty
And look at the items there for sale
All so useless- makes the face go pale
Things break off – the electrics fail
What’s on the rack is off the rail
Commodities are just a game
Five minute wonders – they’re all the same
Makes you wonder where it’s leading to
This obsession for buying new
The planet gets sick – that’s another tale
Haven’t got time to save the whale
So let’s now play a different tune
And look at the way that we consume
If the shops and stores want to sell you pap
Get your gifts through this Christmas rap
I have worked out a brand new way
So simple you don’t even have to pay

Yes cover your gifts in this Christmas rap
Cover your gifts in this Christmas rap
Cover your gifts in this Christmas rap
Cover your gifts in this Christmas rap
Yo! Ho Ho Ho

Just think of Christmas every day
Whenyou work and when you play
It’s amazing what people throw away
“Rescue it!” is what I say
They chuck it out if there’s a change of trend
Or if it needs a little mend
Open your eyes when you’re going around
You might see a black sack on the ground
Have a good rummage, don’t be shy
If you find something good you’ll realise why
It’s a new way to shop – do it at your leisure
The things that you find could fill you with pleasure
Yes, but what do other people think?
Remember the planet is on the brink
The truth of the matter, and it’s a fact
You’re doing a socially useful act
When sometimes upon a whim
You end up standing in a bin
And someone gets shocked – just get them clued
You’re taking a different attitude
“I recycle this to help the world
A sustainable future will break the mould
By putting it back into circulation
It helps the planet and it helps the nation
As garbage dumped upon the land
We’ve already got more than we can stand
With greenhouse gas blown into the air
It’s a dead end street – it’s just not fair
Although this treasure’s pretty small
Compared to landfill it’s trivial
Look at the bins and skips and you’ll see how
It’s not only me – it’s a movement now”

So avoid the end of season sap
Throughout the year make a gap
Gifts arrive upon your lap
Don’t get caught in the seasonal trap
Stops you buying all the crap
Another feather in your cap
Put yourself onto the map
Plenty of time to have a nap
Never more you’ll have to schlep
When you cover your gifts in this Christmas wrap

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