Cycle Rap-ture

Weaving through traffic strikes terror in your heart
Car drivers break all the rules for a start
A blinding rush to get from A to B
What’s on the roads is anarchy
Rob us of land and our clean air
Half the time don’t even know you’re there
Then there’s the driver in a different place
Listening to his heavy bass
Across the white line, a bit out of his head
That sort of action leaves hundreds dead
Doesn’t even take his hands off the phone
Tearing at you all alone
Heading for the twilight zone
Kind of left his brain at home
Ride around like they’re all mad
And you’ll survive – it’s not too bad
Use instinct not what is said
You then get skilful , not end up dead
Tho’ sometimes it’s so scary your pants get wet
For the future of the planet we’ll beat them yet
So while those fools in the jams they sit
You’re way ahead and keeping fit
For transport it’s really cheap
Whilst drivers’ bills are always steep
Sitting still they fantasize
Taken in by all the lies
Another lane on the motorway
Makes cars go fast like the adverts say
Yes we leave them sitting all frustrated
Whilst we’re up front with transport underrated
And suddenly we’re on our own
Down a back street all alone
Drifting along while the pedals turn
Feeling the freedom our spirits yearn
Cycle and rider seem as one
This well-being’s a lot of fun
See – riding a bike is a bit like life
Dodging and weaving to avoid strife
When you whizz down a hill you truly fly
Wild cycling sensations get you high
Most of the time it’s joking and larking
And always a guarantee of free parking
Eight bikes go in one car’s space
Sixteen hundred to a gallon puts a smile on our face
Why drive and be grim whilst to ride is all smiles
Half the cars journeys are less than two miles
So riding a bike helps the air and the land
Which is why you must join us, not just make a stand
A woman or a man, a lad or a lass
Come and join us on the Critical Mass*

We’re not asking for equality
But for the sake of our ecology
We’ve got to have priority.

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