We Are All Members Now

Oh dear; What are we to do
Now we are here in 2002
We were told that things will get much better
We are battered by wind; our socks are much wetter
And everything is getting more extreme
Even opinions if you know what I mean
Everyone always standing their ground
Working on theories that are not always sound
Forever convinced that they’re always right
It’s the principle they are prepared to fight
Until the whole thing ends up in tears
And buildings collapse which increases our fears
And despite what politicians on their podium sing
None of this seems to change anything

But what is the point of winning a war
If there’s not going to be any air any more
Or the sun is too strong when it burns down on us
Because of our failure to get on a bus
To carry our lives like there’s no future
Bury our heads in the latest computer
When we should be helping to cure the earth
For the children of which our Mothers give birth
Lets give them a future on this our terrain
Put the whole earth under less of a strain
Not really the others that are making the mess
But maintaining our life-style is helping the stress
We’re seduced with the things that produce the pollution
Lets do what we can to create a solution
That means doing your bit without any doubt
That’s what Save The World Club’s all about
Not a platform for the environmentalist
We’ve all got guilty tattooed on our wrist
Don’t stay on the treadmill just going around
We’ll all be united by respecting our ground
Don’t leave it to your mother, father, sister or son
The world needs us all; that’s everyone!

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