Save the World Club Rap

We live in a world moving faster and faster
Heard it so often we’re bored with disaster
Governments seem to be losing their grip
Nowhere to jump from this sinking ship
The bigger the problem the smaller we feel
But the things that we do help the planet to heal


Make a change, Make a change,
Together we can make a change,

Switch off a light to save energy
Don’t fill the kettle to make one cup of tea
And to recycle the paper, the metal, the glass
Stops the landfill tips filling up too fast
Avoid buying objects you don’t really need
Resist the temptation of envy and greed
Don’t get caught in the consumer trap
That’s just part of the Save The World Club Rap

Realise the power of the individual
Remember that love is a special tool
We’re knocking down our Berlin Wall
Don’t obey no special rule
The planet is sending a rallying call

By losing that conformist mould
You follow your heart, not what you’re told
Thousands of people throughout the land
Doing their thing and making a stand
Actions and deeds that free the mind
Get rid of those thoughts of a guilty kind

Nurture the earth with a velvet glove
Coming up from below on a wave of love
This changeover is moving fast
This ain’t fashion, it’s going to last
By being part of this solution
You join in the planetary revolution
So love the world for all its worth
Between us we will save the earth

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