Volunteers and Trustees Event October 6th 2012


Celebrating the dedication of SWC volunteers who have improved public spaces and environments across Kingston

Save the World Club (SWC) staff and trustees came together on Saturday 6th October to celebrate the dedication and hard work of its many volunteers who have created a mosaic legacy for Kingston. On their ‘Mosaic Trail’ around the town volunteers and trustees reviewed all of the mosaic art produced over the past 10 years, loved by many residents and visitors to Kingston.

 This includes the recently restored Muybridge mosaic on Castle Street and the largest mosaic in Europe, the Hundertwasser along Canbury Passage which exits near TGI Friday. Hundreds of local residents have helped to produce the artistic work which celebrates Kingston’s diverse heritage, encourages use of public spaces such as parks and playgrounds and prevents graffiti.

To find out how SWC can improve spaces near you or if you would like to learn the art of mosaic creation and find out more about our workshops contact Kim@savetheworldclub.org

If you are interested in exploring other ways that you can support the charity build on its legacy in Kingston please contact Jo Butcher at Jo@savetheworldclub.org

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