Young Place Shapers

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We are looking for individuals aged 18-24 years interested in taking part in community action. Young Place Shapers (YPS) aims to provide young people and young adults with opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence to lead and support positive change in the world around them, promoting a way of life that is good for people and good for the planet.

What will you gain from being involved in Young Place Shapers?

  • The chance to apply your knowledge and skills in practice
  • Opportunities to learn new knowledge and skills through practical action
  • Certificates of achievement to support future education, employment and volunteering
  • The chance to share and develop your ideas for community action
  • Experience of working with different organisations and local decision makers
  • Being part of a group of like-minded people that want to improve places and spaces where you live, and support the local community

What does the Young Place Shaper volunteer role involve?

YPS volunteers will receive support to undertake projects and activities. Opportunities will vary depending on their interests and ideas but could include:

  • improving green spaces and nature sites
  • local research projects
  • helping with community projects
  • influencing local decision making such as talking with councillors about local issues
  • promotion and fundraising activity to generate income for their project ideas
  • acting as public ambassadors by providing a fun and friendly presence at local events and services.

What can you expect from us?

  • Information, advice, support and training to help you get involved
  • Interesting and worthwhile volunteer opportunities
  • Support with delivery of projects from experts in the localcommunity
  • Recognition of your hard work such as certificates and publicity that can support CVs
  • Support to share your views with local decision makers e.g. councillors
  • Information and support to help you develop your own ideas and projects.

For further details and/or to sign up visit or




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