RBK Voluntary and Community Sector Strategy Launch at The Rose Theatre

Jo Butcher celebrates voluntary and community sector led action to realise healthy and sustainable communities in Kingston
Jo Butcher helped to launch Kingston Council’s Voluntary and Community Sector Strategy and Compact at the Rose Theatre.  
Jo was among the speakers celebrating the contribution of the voluntary and community sector, working in partnership with council, to improve the well-being of communities in the borough.
As vice-chair of Kingston Environment Forum, Jo described how this consortium of local environmental organisations is working with Kingston Council to promote sustainable communities in the borough indicating that “it is about a commitment to working together – not ‘them and us’ – understanding our roles and playing to our strengths”. Jo identified the ability of the voluntary to self-organise, connect up issues and communicate in ways that make sense to people’s daily lives as key success factors saying:
“One the strengths of the voluntary sector is its ability to coalesce around a shared message or common goal, through speaking as one voice we can ensure the concerns and needs of our beneficiaries are heard and acted upon”.
She also highlighted the creative and flexible approach of voluntary organisations working on environmental issues saying “it’s about starting with the immediate local concerns of communities rather than for example, focusing on climate change which can feel too amorphous and reinforce helplessness. There’s lots we can do together locally to deliver benefits for people, for communities and for the environment”.
To find out more about Save the World Club’s environmental stewardship programme ‘Young Place Shapers’ visit www.youngplaceshapers.org 
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