Changing the World one step at a time

Here in Save the World Club we don’t like to sit back and and watch our World slowly fall apart.
Heck! We have our children to consider. Future generations. Preserving what we have and not losing it for short term gain.
One thing that’s agreed by most scientists. We need to shake off our addiction to fossil fuels. KEEP IT IN THE GROUND! Developing technology for renewables moves a pace with Countries successfully adopting carbon free options for their energy needs.
We have the knowledge to change the World into a sustainable paradise. There is enough for everyone but for the greedy few who feel compelled to take more than their fair share. 
We are the huge majority (some say 99%!) and our individual contributions towards the health of our Mother Earth, has the potential to collectively create a cascade of positive change.
Don’t get caught up with false news! Look at all the wonderful actions large and small communities and local heroes are up to, and dive in – in what ever way that suits you best!