About Us

Save the World Club – be inspired, have fun, make a change

Award-winning charity Save the World Club have been providing hundreds of children’s and family based holiday clubs, after school clubs and workshops in Kingston for the past fifteen years covering a range of exciting topics such as community mosaic, bicycle repairs, sculpture and scrap arts, painting and design, circus skills and events and festival organisation.

The success of the group, especially in attracting, and maintaining, continued relationships with some of the most disadvantaged families and citizens in our community, has made a real impact on the confidence of many people previously considered a problem in their local community. Kingston has several pockets of deprivation, including central Norbiton, central Kingston’s Acre Road, the Kingsnympton Estate and others and Save the World Club has run a range of successful children’s families and adult classes in these areas since 1997.

Over 3,000 adults and children have contributed creatively to the regeneration of some of the worst eyesores in the town through the group’s huge award-winning community mosaic workshops during 2003 and 2004. The 2004 project: Study of Hundertwasser for the Skerne Road and Canbury Passage is reputed to be the largest piece of community artwork in the UK today which opened in March 2005.

Structure of Save the World Club

SWC was set up 25 years ago by Des Kay. The organisation was primarily concerned with Des using recycled materials to create unique kinetic and mechanical structures which told children and family audiences stories of waste and gave other important environmental messages. After many successful years, Professor Kayoss is a legend and SWC has grown to an organisation with thousands of committed supporters. All the income Des Kay received from performing as Professor Kayoss has been invested in the core funding to build our small but successful organisation.

In the past five years projects have included working closer to home, running after-school clubs, arts classes using scrap materials, making music, a CD with a message, building a community garden, helping to develop community spirit and connection, training young disaffected and possibly young offenders in civic and environmental awareness. The power of community ownership means people have a huge say in our practical decisions about the choice of art works, design, colour, techniques. They are an important and integral part of our decision making process. Save the World Club is a Registered Charity number 1096271 and a limited company by guarantee.

 Recognition and Achievements

  • Kingston Society Biennial Award for Environmental Improvements Nov 2004
  • Winner – Queen’ s Award for Voluntary Service 2004
  • Winner UK’s Best New Charity – Charity Times Magazine 2003
  • Mayor of London Certificate for Services to London 2003
  • Kingston Society Biennial Award for Townscape Improvements Dec 2002
  • SWC Youth representative Aaron Perry was winner of Kingston’s Young Person’s Award for Civic & Community Action 2004