Save The World Club Say Thankyou!

Save the World Club owe a debt and gratitude to each and every person and organisation who has worked with us and funded us. Many, many, thanks especially to our funders, sponsors, providers of materials and all our supporters:

Royal Borough of Kingston
Lever Faberge- Unilever
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
John Lewis Partnership
Thames Community Foundation
Local Network Children’s Fund
New Opportunities Fund
Lotteries Awards for All
Kingston Green Fair Collective
St George plc
Glastonbury Festivals Ltd
Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose
Bridge House Estates Trust
Kingston Adult Education
Kingston Society
Kingston Arts Council
Canbury Area Residents Association
Early Years Sure Start Programme
Richmond & Kingston Primary Care Trust
Kingston Children’s Fund
Kingston Volunteer Centre
Future Festivals Ltd
Archway Trust
Small Firms Learning Account
Alexandra Infant School PTA
The Jam Trust
Canbury Area Residents Association
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
Arts Council England
Shiraz Mirza CommunityHall
Threshold Housing Association
Kingston Voluntary Action
Kingston Welsh Hall Society
Learning Skills Council
Mediterranean Restaurant,
Kingston Glaziers Ltd
Park Glass Supplies Ltd
Bovis Construction,
Canbury Pavilion Trust
Reed Harris,
Tile Co Molesey
TGI Friday’s
B& Q
Castelnau Tiles
Welsh Presbyterian Church
Versatile in Chessington
Hamliton Glass in Tolworth

BIG Thanks are due to many people…

Key to the success of SWC includes the sterling, committed and unstinting work of our wonderful volunteers, staff and board of trustees. Each and every person that helped Save The World Club this year deserves a medal and a vote of thanks! In particular we must thank:

Karen Parry, Des Kay, Steve Foord, Bernadette Vallely, Jayne Ritchie, Anthony Grover, Reena Hungsraz, Louise Frewin, Dominic Search, Kim Porrelli, Jackie MacIntosh, Aaron Perry, Satin Dattani, Howard Grange, Eli Seath, Julie Norburn, Tina Ayling, Miriam Zadek Gold, Jane Marchant, Tony Hopkins, Una, Nermin Mehta, Merlem, Sara, Mary Creghan, Julia Thomas, Sue Edkins, Chandra Thagunna, Delphi Day, Jean Vidler, Bart Rickets, Raelene McKenzie, Ed Rosental, Nicky Benge, Maria Morales, Julia Stewart, Sian Thomas, Robert, Jacob Davies, Mark, Nigel, Brian Mully

………………..and all the lovely people too many to mention here now that we love and thank for their time and commitment to the group.

We would also like to thank Liz Elliot, Bob St Barbe, Network Recycling and all the staff at Glastonbury Festivals who gave us such a wonderful opportunity. We should also thank all those lovely staff from other organisations that have helped us, that train us, support us and offer help, funding and many, many things. Special thanks go to Rhiannon Markless, Kingston Welsh Hall Society and the Welsh Presbyterian Church, Pat Loxton from RBK Planning, Colin Bloxham, RBK Arts, and Scott Herbertson, Barrie Selwyn, Jill Darling and Gillian Pennington and Councillors Hayes, Shard, Davies and others. Mary & Hilary Graham, Louise Duffield from the Children’s Fund, and everyone at the wonderful Family Services Department at RBK.

The wonderful support and partnership of the key voluntary organisation in Kingston also should be thanked and include Kingston Voluntary Action with Hilary Garner and Barbara Riddell and Maria Jarvis from the Kingston Volunteer Centre who nominated SWC for the Queen’s Award. Also to all the local shops and offices that have supported us from discounts and offers to incredible support like that from Lever Faberge and Ben & Jerry’s for whom we are extremely grateful. The tile and mirror shops of Eastern Surrey are thanked too for helping us to create lovely art from their waste!

Thanks to one and all!