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Fairchild School Klimpt Mosaic

Based on the 'Tree of Life' by Gustak Klimpt, this mosaic sparkles with life. Led by Kim Porrelli.
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Greycourt School Memorial Mosaic, Kingston

mos-greycourtmemorial by . Classmates of Melanie Kogelbauer, who died in July 2007 following a three-year fight against the illness, spent several months working on the project – a collection of her favourite things immortalised in a mosaic.

Mr Kogelbauer said: “It’s absolutely stunning – it’s amazing….. I cannot think of a better signature than this”.

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Richmond Road Circles Community Mosaic, Kingston

mos-circles by . “Lovely- a real improvement to the area” said a local head teacher. “It makes me smile every time I see it”- said Shebo a Kingston resident.

The mosaic has brightened up an unsightly, graffiti covered wall in central Kingston. Led by Kim Porrelli the mosaic was made by over 150 volunteers and local children.…

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Liberal Synagogue, Kingston

mos-synagogue by . Over 120 people from 3 to 93 worked together on this project over a period of 6 months to create a mosaic for the newly refurbished Synagogue in Surbiton. The mosaic is a collage made up of various Biblical symbols, such as a dove of peace and a Hebrew Torah scroll, as well as the synagogue’s rainbow logo and a tree of life.…

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Hazel Road Community Mosaic, Brent

mos-hazelroad by . Led by Howard Grange and funded by Brent Council the project lasted for two weeks over the 2009 Easter holidays. The project took place in the Leap community Centre on Hazel Road, where we created lots of beautiful mosaics for the wall surrounding the Basketball Court.The project involved many local residents, including artists, film makers and young people. …

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Ashburnham Road Community Mosaic, Richmond

mos-ashburnham by . Completing the mosaic took over a year working with 600 adult volunteers and nearly 300 school children in the local library, primary and secondary schools, youth clubs and day centres. Made on mesh and then concreted directly to the wall ,this project was based on the flora and fauna of the local area , with each section being designed by the volunteers.…

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Ongar Place School Community Mosaic

mos-ongarplaceschool by . Kim worked with every child in Year 3 to make this mosaic for the reception area at the school. “The mosaic is beautiful and a talking point for all our visitors. The children are proud of their work and have made history making it in the first year of our new primary school.…

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Deen City Farm Community Mosaic,

mos-deencityfarm by . Working over 2 weekends Kim led workshops to make a 2.5 sq metre floor mosaic based on the work of local artist William Morris.

“Our recently constructed Cob building here in the Growing Gardens project at Deen City Farm needed a floor and what would be more fun than a mosaic?…

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St Mary’s and St Peters Primary School, Teddington

mos-stmarysandstpeter by . Every child at the school participated in this ‘Myths and Legends’ theme for the schools annual Arts Week. For this project 4 designs were chosen by the head teacher and these were made into the mosaics which were mounted onto tile backer board. This was so the work could be moved in the future as the school planned to re- configure its internal space.…

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Mosaic Night Classes

mos-nightclass by . Learn to mosaic at our weekly night classes.

Have you always wanted to create a beautiful mosaic, but don’t know where to start? We may have the answer. Why not join our next course? No previous experience necessary!

Introduction to Mosaic Course
Thursdays 7.30pm to 10.00pm
Term Time only

By the end of the course you will have designed, made and grouted a mosaic that will be suitable for your garden or your home.…

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