Green Police


Green Police started in Glastonbury in 1976 to encourage litter picking. Volunteers carried out ad hoc campaigns on behalf of Save the World Club. Spearheaded by alternative comedian and eco activist Professor Kayoss (Des Kay), they successfully distributed recycling bags and collected various items with a performance based approach to social and ecological learning.


  1. To stop people polluting the water and hedgerows:

    By telling them face to face and showing them “the rules” of the festival using humour,   and accurate information.

  2. To make sure people dispose of their cigarette butts properly :

    Cigarette butts take 14 years to break down, they pollute the land and poison the water table and the cows eat them if they are not disposed of properly!

  3. To encourage litter picking, recycling and better waste management:

    By giving out green bags, festival rules leaflets, encouraging litter picking and specifically cleaning the Kings Field each day using the power of persuasion and volunteers only.

  4. To leave a legacy of important information regarding festival etiquette:

    Issues like wildlife protection, excess noise, litter, polluting and respect for the earth can be learnt, and will create a win-win scenario for everyone who attends.

So the potential of Glastonbury Green Police is that:

  • People learn to stop polluting in the water table
  • No litter
  • Less stress for animals, people, land
  • More respect = Less money spent on problems, more on fun
  • People think more about the place they have come to have fun and take a greener philosophy home with them

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Download a report of Glastonbury Festival 2007 courtesy of Andrea Height

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Two special Green Police films to watch:
Green Police founder Des Kay 2008
Green Police 2008 stone circle tidy up

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Green Police Announcement

Save the World Club has been delighted to work with Glastonbury Festival for several years to deliver its volunteer led ‘Green Police’ Programme to promote environmental stewardship and action among festival goers. Its fun and humorous approach has always been a big … Read More »

How to Apply for Glastonbury Green Police

Thank you for your interest in the Glastonbury Green Police. You can apply for a place from February 1st 2018 by downloading the application form and by becoming a member of Save the World Club charity. or for more general … Read More »