Green Police FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the Green police do?

Help Glastonbury Festival create a green and clean festival.  We are a funky alternative walkabout in the heart of the festival.  We are fun, creative and carry a very important message:

  • We stop people polluting the water and hedgerows.
  • We make sure people dispose of their cigarette butts correctly.
  • We encourage litter picking, recycling and better waste management.

 We do this by telling festival goers face to face and showing them “the rules” of the festival using humour and accurate information. By giving out green bags, festival rules leaflets and encouraging litter picking we leave a legacy of important information regarding festival etiquette. So issues like wildlife protection and respect for the earth can be learnt, and will create a pleasant experience for everyone who attends.

How do I apply?

Please see the Green Police page and submit your application form.

What if I don’t hear immediately?

You are on a waiting list and we will contact you as soon as possible.

When do we send our holding deposits and how much is it?

Please send your holding deposit with your application, details of everything you need to send are on the checklist document. The document also tells you how much the deposit will be.

Should we still try and get a ticket for Glastonbury in the conventional way as well as our Green Police applications?

As far as we know, all tickets are sold.

These tickets are allocated as performers and site wide staff. We will endeavour to inform you ASAP if you have been successful or not, the sooner we receive your application form the sooner we can tell you.
Being a member of the Glastonbury Green Police is fun but you will be expected to do the Green police work.  You will become a performer and be part of the event itself. Green police will be expected to dress up, be playful and happy, get their pictures taken and meet and work as a team.  Experience in performance, walkabout, modelling, dressing up, talking, conflict resololution and educating are all valuable.  Each year Green Police are photographed and interviewed by many, many journalists and others.

IF YOU ALREADY have a ticket? YES you can join us, we have about 25 volunteers each year that pay for their own tickets but then come and work on the teams with us and get the benefits (like teas, food, showers, site wide wristbands etc)

When will my ticket deposit be refunded?

Glastonbury Festival sends the money back usually early July or within two weeks provided we are satisfied you have completed all your shifts.
Some people kindly donated their ticket deposit to Save the World Club, which is what the Oxfam volunteers do as well.

We hope you will have an extraordinary experience with us and feel happy to do that, or even donate part of the refund.  We are a registered charity and we rely on donations to help run other programmes throughout the year.

How many shifts do I have to do?

Hours will be minimum two x 3 hr shifts per day or one 6 hr shift, for three to seven days plus a meeting a day that may last up to two hours.

Please role requires a commitment to team work, getting involved and working with people from all backgrounds.  You must have at least 2 hours training to get you into the role of Green Policeman/woman.  This must be undertaken before the event starts unless you have done it before with us and are on our list.

Do we have a choice as to what shifts we get?

There are only 2 shifts all through the day and you would need to do at least one night shift during the event please.

How many people are in each team?

5 to 8 people.

What do I have to wear?

We will provide you with a Green Police helmet and sleeveless jacket.  You have to provide the costume that suits you best to go with the colours and jacket image.  Go as mad as you like, many others do!  Decorate your helmet on site, there are prizes for the best!!

I know I have to dress up but I have no fancy dress clothes, what do I do?

Get to know your local charity shops.  Ask your friends and/or family for help, have a fancy dress party, go to a fancy dress party, sew some sequins onto an old shirt, use cheap sparkly things, paint your wellies fluorescent green…… ask someone!

When do we find out if we have been accepted as a Green Police?

First stage is to send in your form and documents.  SWC will be in touch first to confirm your training date and your membership of SWC . If you successfully achieve this and we like your application then we will inform you immediately to attend training on the date you gave on the application, but remember Glastonbury Festival will also have to check you out!  We also reserve the right to say no to you if the training interview doesn’t go well or we don’t think you could do it for any reason.

If you are accepted you will be emailed to say yes, and you will be booked on a training course before the event and you will begin to create your costume and develop your role.  Then your photos will be made into laminate passes and sent to you with the tickets and sent only 7 days before the event, it can get nail biting, but hold on in there!

Is there transport to and from the festival, how do I get there?

Travel by train, bus or share vehicles. We can’t provide transport for you, try and find fellow Green Police at the training sessions who are driving down and share the journey.  Join the Facebook Green Police and ask them for support.

Glastonbury Festival website is the best source of mainstream information. For more information about getting to the festival go here

Can I bring a vehicle?

Apply for a car pass on your initial application. If you didn’t put it down on your application its unlikely we can get it now.

Please share your journeys where ever possible!

Do I have to do any training to be a Green Police, when is it and where is it?

You have to complete the training session and a live walkabout.  You will be guided through what to expect and how to deal with all kinds of situations.  When you have been accepted as a Green police we will inform you when and where the training sessions will be if you need them.

When do we need to arrive on site?? Can we come on the Monday?

You can attend from Tuesday through to the following Monday.  You need to complete a days work for every day you are at the festival.

Do we get fed?

Yes!  Two meals a day from the Wednesday, you will be allocated meal tickets.  We also have our own Marquee with beverages provided. Please bring biscuits, beverages and similar to share with the group. We can make tea and snacks to supplement the 2 meals.

Are vegetarians catered for?

Vegetarian options are available

I’m a vegan; will there be food for me?

There is vegan food available but as with other special diets I would like you to notify me in advance so that it can be ordered in plenty of time.
This is the same for celiac diets or people with allergies.

Can I camp with my friends in the Green Fields or elsewhere?  Can I stay in my van?


A fantastic field has been provided for Green Police use, we do expect you to use it.  Everyone staying together creates a team atmosphere, the field we use is big and after a hard day of Green policing it is useful to have somewhere to relax and get away from the crowds for a while.  You will be expected to join in with the spirit of the Green Police to be a team member and the only way to do that is to camp with us.

You will lose your deposit if you try to camp elsewhere.

Are tents provided?

This is a camping experience; please bring a tent and bedding, etc.  If you need advice see the Glastonbury website.  We have better facilities than most people with access to showers, cafe and covered areas.

Shall I bring wellington boots?


Even a small amount of rain can turn the venue into a mud bath. Without wellies you will not be able to walk around if it gets muddy.

You will not be insured to work without adequate footwear, including boots and Wellington boots. You must be safe when walking around the site.

What happens if a person gets violent or aggressive?

We do not condone or encourage aggressive behaviour in any way. Our job is encourage alternative ways to promote green behaviour.

Training will be provided in case situations such as this happen.  Remember Green police operate in a large team and there is safety in numbers.  You will be trained in using simple calming and conflict avoidance techniques.

Can I bring my own alcohol onto the site?

According to the official Glastonbury festival website, you can bring enough in for personal use, anything else will be confiscated. Illegal substances, such as drugs, are illegal on site too.

Can I bring my Child?

Yes, remember 12 years and under are free but will need to provide proof of age, 13+ need an ordinary ticket (see GF website as to how to apply).  All children will need a photo for the laminate which allows them into your camping field.  Children must not be left unattended whilst parents work and cannot work with them for safety reasons.

You will need to fill in a CHILD APPLICATION FORM for each child you want to bring so they can have photo laminates to get into and out of the Green Police camp. Please include a copy of proof of age and two passport photographs.

Updated January 2011